Thursday, October 16, 2014

Deep end.

Imagine a little kid just learning to swim. They begin in a separate pool than goes no higher than their knees, if that. As they grow older they go to the big kid’s pool but are still wearing floaties. As time goes by they are now a big kid and have mastered all depths of water and can even brace the diving board. They are comfortable swimmers now. 

Now that kid can be in the deep end any time they choose to be. In the deep end they can tread water, do tricks off the side into the water, or of course be the masters of the diving board. The diving board can become a game as they dive and swim to reach the bottom. One other option for this now "professional" swimmer is to stay in the shallow end. Even with full access to the deep end they can choose to stay in the shallow, to bother the little kids or just because they are tired of the deep end. The shallow end requires less effort now that they are tall enough to stay standing. They could easily prefer the comfort.

This is the image of the Christian today. Even with all the access to the things that God has, they still choose to stay comfortable. Either to bother (judge) new believers or because it requires less effort than to fully commit to going deeper. 

Even after committing to Christ. People prefer to stay in this comfort even with full access to greater things.

For the past three days I have helped boys and girls of many ages build their own school. From porting sand form one location to another to shoveling until my hands blistered, and then some more, I have ignited my access to the kingdom and gone a little bit deeper. 

I have seen, 

And Bunla, 

Considering it much joy as they work through the hot sun. Their wear excitement as if it were the first thing they put on in the morning. They can't leave the house without it or their smiles that they leave on all day. 

The village sees them as kids building their school. 
I see them as kids building the kingdom. 
The village sees them as kids who are finally going to be educated. 
I see them as kids who are going to educate the village. 
The village sees them as working hard. 
I see them as we servants willing to do whatever it takes. 
The village sees them as kids who need to be taken care of. 
I see them as kids who are sheep and the true Shepard died for them. And He would do it again. 

These past three days with the most wonderful children I have truly seen a love that knows no end. A love that rings loud and proclaims "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." The Lord declares this to them.

Going deeper requires trusting that the Lord says "For I know." 

I saw that today. I saw that Jesus knows His plans for each one of these children. And as they wear there trendy excitement and smiles they are yet to know the best that is ahead. Oh but I know. I know that the Lord has a unique plan for each one of these children.  

It is all joy to be a part of Cambodian Care as they begin to build their very first school. This school is right in the middle of one of the poorest villages in Cambodia. Houses overlap one another. Stray dogs roam the area to fend for food in the trash. Trash is everywhere. The lucky kids are sent miles away in the morning to walk to school. While the rest stay home and are introduced to the gambling that goes on in almost every other house. 

Registered for this new school is 200 students. This includes children who have NEVER gone to school before as well as students who will no longer have to take a trek to school. All ages. 200 students.  

The school that is coming will be the kid’s safe haven. As they have worked these past days they don't venture to far from the make shift shelter. The school is (will be) a concrete floor with a strong roof held up by wood. The construction will be completed in the middle of October and the school will open at the beginning of November.

Cambodian Care has a remarkable vision to open 2 schools every six months in the poorest areas of Cambodia. The school at this village is one of two that have become the launch of this ministry. The vision goes beyond just building schools in villages. They as well want to have church plants, discipleship training for teens, and thriving businesses. Needless to say they want to take the gospel to the poorest areas of Cambodia. They want to give hope to children, teens, and adults. They trust that entire families will come to find Jesus more than worth it. 

"I really can't wait to get into these communities and see people changed. There might be other organizations out there who are doing good things, but no one is bringing the gospel to these people. And that is the most important." -Koy Chimm (Cambodian Care founder)

The deep end may be take a little more effort, but it is worth it. For the 200 kids and the many more that will be impacted in Cambodia, it is worth it. And as the deep end always is, a whole lot more exciting.

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